Philipp Schonger joins the LiP team

We’re stoked to welcome Philipp Schonger onto the LiP team. You can view Philipp’s team profile here – Philipp Schonger

Philipp is an Austrian national although he lives in the Pacific North West. He’s a familiar figure in the Seattle / Everett region and many will recognise his signature orange rashie – there to alert other kiters and possibly fighter jet pilots that he is about to launch into the stratosphere. He’s currently leader of the North American Woo Big Air leaderboard with a jump height of 28.9m.

Philipp is extremely active in the kiteboarding community. He gives much of his time to the kitesurfing community in the Pacific North West organising events like the Jetty Island Light Wind Olympics. We’re really happy to welcome him to the LiP family of riders and athletes.  🇦🇹

Getting high in the PNW

Photo courtesy of Phil Bourillon




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