Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Whatever our fishing passion or specialism may be, there is an undeniable truth regarding the tools we employ in pursuit of our quarry. It is that these tools offer the prospect of enhancing our performance and success rate when it really matters. Simply put, functional tools contribute to putting more fish on the bank.  

This truism applies as much to fishing sunglasses as it does to the lures we use. For all types of fishing, polarized fishing sunglasses will strip out blinding glare especially in the mornings and evenings – the time when many fish species are actively feeding. Polarization will remove this glare, allowing our eyes to stay focused on our bite indicators.

In the middle part of the day, polarization also enables us to see through the water’s surface to observe what lies beneath – perhaps giving us an edge against our competition if we are sight fishing. These benefits are only part of the story – the benefits of polarized fishing glasses are multi-faceted, and vary according to the type of fishing we engage in, but at the very least, there is a reduction of eye strain when reflected light is attenuated by polarization.


SKU: 2860
$ 99.00

Frame Colour: Matt Black / Mustard

Lens Base Colour: Brown

Mirror Colour: Chroma

Light Transmission: 14.8%

Conditions: Sunny / Variable


SKU: 2754
$ 178.00

Frame Colour: Matt Black

Lens Base Colour: Smoke

Mirror Colour: None

Light Transmission: 15% – 45%

Conditions: Sunny / Variable


SKU: 2501
$ 148.00

Frame Colour: Matt Black

Lens Base Colour: Brown

Mirror Colour: Multilayer Green

Light Transmission: 11.5%

Conditions: Bright / Sunny

Do polarized fishing sunglasses help you land more fish?

Let’s re-phrase this question. Do you have a better understanding of what is going on at the end of your line if you have a crisp visual connection with what’s actually going on?  

Without a doubt, polarized sunglasses for fishing add clarity and contrast to our field of view, and this can often mean the difference between reading a situation perfectly or missing the mark. Sight is the most advanced of our senses, so we do well to maximise its immense potential. High quality frame design and optics enhance our visual recognition and understanding. This leads to faster response times – an essential quality in both hooking and landing fish.

Why fishing sunglasses have polarization

Many people search for the “best fishing sunglasses to see fish“, but search engines can throw up a lot of results which may mean you buy an unsuitable product. Of course, polarization can help you see fish as they cut through the light reflected off the surface of the water, meaning you can see what is coming for your bait or lure. A better search term would be the “best fishing glasses that will protect my eyes”.

Premium quality polarized sunglasses for fishing offer a lot more than giving you the edge when angling. Prolonged exposure to bright sunlight and UV radiation takes its toll on our eyes with cumulative damage extending over many years.  Macular degeneration, corneal damage, and even cataracts are the legacy of not investing in high quality polarized fishing glasses from the outset.

The best polarized sunglasses for fishing are therefore those which offer crisp undistorted vision and which are designed to protect your eyesight in years to come. LiP is a specialist brand in the aquatic eyewear sector. While our fishing glasses look the business, they also are backed by state-of-the-art frame and lens technology that will keep you fishing long into your old age.

What makes our Watershades the best sunglasses for fishing?

Our polarized sunglasses for fishing are a wraparound (‘8-base’) shape and the lenses cut out 100% of damaging UV radiation. The wrap shape not only offers optimal protection by minimising UV leakage from the sides, top and bottom of the frame, it also prevents wind, insects and spray from getting behind the lenses and into our eyes. A curved frame and lenses will also optimise peripheral vision and enhance awareness of our surroundings.

Our fishing sunglasses frames are constructed of Grilamid TR90 – a revolutionary lightweight ‘shape memory’ nylon frame material which offers extraordinary durability, flexibility and heat resistance. While accidents happen, TR90 has got your back because it is indestructible and will always return to its original shape.

All of our fishing sunglasses lenses incorporate a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating on both sides of the lenses. A hydrophobic coating repels water and an oleophobic coating repels oils, sweat and dirt. 

Both coatings contribute to keeping your vision clear and free from distraction.

Have you ever accidentally lost your fishing sunglasses overboard and watched them (and your heart) sink? A reliable leash system or floating polarized fishing sunglasses solve this problem.

There are several other ways in which frame and lens technology lift our fishing experience. The lenses are the heart of any sunglasses and here we make no compromises, cooperating only with leading manufacturers like ZEISS. Visual clarity and comfort are at the top of the list of priorities for the discerning angler.  Our polycarbonate, nylon and polyurethane lenses are lightweight, and offer crisp undistorted vision throughout the field of view.

To get the most of your fishing glasses, it’s essential to choose the right lens base colour, and here we offer a wide range of options to suit any environment. We’ve put together a handy table highlighting all our lenses and the water & weather conditions they are suitable for.

And remember that our  watershades are designed to be used for many types of watersports from windsurfing sunglasses, to boating sunglasses, to SUP sunglasses. Make sure they’re in your kit bag before you head out into the sun,  whatever you’re doing.


Have You Tried Fishing Sunglasses To See In Water?

It’s hard to stay focused on your float or quiver tip if the sun is reflecting off the water and straight into your unprotected eyes. It’s a surefire way of missing a strike and setting yourself up for a headache at the end of the day. There’s no need to suffer the consequences of glare when the best freshwater sunglasses are only a few clicks away.

If you’re wading the shallows or fish-kayaking in calm water, you’ll find our floating FLO model is ideal. If you’re out at sea, you may find that the added security of the failsafe leash system on our Surge and Typhoon models give you that extra peace of mind.

The key feature for fishing sunglasses to see in water and protection against reflected glare is polarization. Polarization allows only vertically orientated visible light to enter your eyes. Reflected glare is largely comprised of horizontally orientated light, so by cutting this out, 99% of the discomfort associated with glare can be eliminated. In addition, the vertically orientated light illuminates objects under the water’s surface, so by filtering only vertically orientated light, the polarized lenses enable you to see through the water’s surface and see what lies beneath. With polarized lenses you will be able to cast to the exact location where you have spotted your quarry.

In a fishing competition, by equipping yourself with the best polarized fishing glasses available, you will gain a competitive advantage by being able to target fish by sight. Our polarized fishing sunglasses come equipped with premium lenses by ZEISS and other renowned lens manufacturers. Together with our unbreakable frames, a 30-day returns period and a 3-year warranty, you won’t regret purchasing the best freshwater sunglasses money can buy.

Are all Polarized Sunglasses the Same?

Polarized sunglasses vary in quality due to a number of factors. While all are designed to reduce glare and improve visual clarity, the quality and effectiveness of the polarizarion varies. The most significant factor is the quality of the polarizing film and the method by which it is incorporated into the lenses.

In addition, the shape of the frame is important in optimising the performance of the polarization. Using a wrap-shape frame will minimise peripheral glare that leaks behind the lenses from the sides. All of our polarized lenses for fishing incorporate state of the art polarizing films and production techniques which stand the test of time. By investing in our sturdy and robust fishing sunglasses to see in water, you’ll never have to worry about the quality and performance of the polarization.

And it is an investment. It’s taking the opportunity to look after your eye health as well as giving you the edge when it comes to setting yourself up for a successful day of fishing. The best polarized fishing glasses not only come with an embedded polarization filter, but also state of the art hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings to keep your vision free from dirt and water droplets.

Whether you’re looking for the best freshwater sunglasses, or a pair that are suitable for use on the ocean, take a peek at what we have to offer.

Buy Sunglasses that can see through water from the Experts

LiP Sunglasses was founded in 2012 with the launch of the TYPHOON. Since then, we have grown into one of the most trusted specialists in the watersports eyewear industry. We have a team of highly experienced professionals creating new and innovative products that incorporate only the very best materials.

When you choose us for your new sunglasses that can see through water, you can be confident that you are investing in the very best eyewear technology. We remain committed to our original founding values of premium quality, focused product innovation, and outstanding customer service.

Once you have chosen your preferred frame for sunglasses that can see through water, you can consult our lens table which summarises all of our lens options and the water and weather environments they are suited to. And if for whatever reason the fit isn’t perfect when your new glasses arrive, you can return them within 30 days for a refund or replacement.

Model / Functions Typhoon Surge Flo
UVA/B Protection Yes Yes Yes
Polarised Lenses? Yes Yes Some
Hydrophobic Coating? Yes Yes Yes
Oleophobic Coating? Yes Yes Yes
Hard Coating? Yes Yes Yes
Retention Leash? Yes Yes No
Floating Frame? No No Yes
Anti-fog Venting? Yes Yes No

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