Stand Up Paddle Boarding Sunglasses

Paddleboarding is an awesome way to immerse yourself in nature and give your body a great workout. Here at LiP, we’re huge fans of SUP, both on the ocean and in freshwater environments too.

But when you are immersed in the elements and enjoying the scenery with your SUP, are your eyes paying a price? It’s worth thinking about.

Being surrounded by water in all directions means that we are constantly bombarded by direct and scattered UV rays and reflected glare. In the early mornings and evenings, this can be especially uncomfortable and can take the edge off our enjoyment. Out on the ocean, it’s practically impossible to seek shelter unless you submerge yourself, so you’ll want to ensure you set out prepared for a long day exposed to the sun. This means taking plenty of sunscreen for your skin, and just as importantly – sup sunglasses to protect your eyes.

SUP Watershades

Sunglasses Designed for Paddleboarding

The effects of unfiltered UV rays are well established – it’s the main reason we wear sunglasses. But when you’re out paddling, conventional sunglasses for water sports leave a lot to be desired as they are often a sub-optimal shape and not designed for aquatic environments. Sunglasses for SUP should be durable enough to withstand the harsh ocean environment, designed and shaped for optimal visual clarity and UV protection, and equipped with lenses that not only protect your eyes from UV and glare, but are also fitted with high tech coatings that have been developed specifically for watersports. And last but by no means least, you’ll need paddling eyewear that will stay with you even if you take a tumble. Our specialist sunglasses for paddleboarding meet all these requirements. You can rely on our watershades to be the perfect paddling sunglasses accessory – not just to protect your eyes – but also to enhance your SUP experience. And here’s why:
  1. 8-base curve frames and lenses minimise UV leakage from the top, bottom and sides of the frame. At the same time this wrap-style curve maximises peripheral vision allowing you to see clearly not only in the focus range, but also in the mid-periphery and far-periphery.
  2. light and unbreakable ‘shape-memory’ TR90 frames which incorporate a patented venting system to counteract lens fogging, and soft TPU rubber parts for lasting comfort
  3. state-of-the-art polarized lenses that cut out 99% of reflected glare, and hydrophobic and oleophobic lens coatings that keep your vision clear of dirt and water spots
  4. Security – either floating frames or a leash retention system that is guaranteed to keep you connected to your sunglasses.

Best Sunglasses for Paddleboarding

We designed our range of sunglasses for paddleboarding of all genres – paddle-surfing, competitive SUP racing and leisure paddling. We took all the problems we’ve personally experienced when paddling and created versatile solutions that work in all disciplines. There are 3 watershades models to choose from: Flo, Typhoon, and Surge. The best one for you will depend on your preferred water conditions and the style of paddleboarding you practice. For leisure paddling on calm waters our Flo sunglasses are ideal because they float and are easily retrieved if you fall in the water. They are also incredibly light and are available with a wide selection of frame and lens options to suit your style. If you’re heading out for some SUP surfing action in the ocean or racing competitively, you may not want to risk becoming detached from your standup paddleboarding sunglasses, and in these circumstances the Surge or Typhoon would be a better surf glasses with their incorporated failsafe leash system. Not only for paddling, our Surge and Typhoon are also suitable as a rowing sunglasses Not only will you keep your eyes fully protected from the elements and identify hazards before they become hazardous, you’ll also look the business with stylish frames and a wide range of lens finishes.

Invest in your eyes with LiP SUP Sunglasses

Say goodbye to red-eye and wannabe SUP eye wear and say hello to the best sunglasses for paddleboarding – LiP watershades.

To help you pick the perfect pair, we have put together a summary of all of the essential considerations to make the wisest lens choice, including a lens tint guide, a guide on lens materials and their qualities plus a guide on the visible light transmission rates for all of our lenses. A size guide is available for each model too.

We want you to get the most out of your SUP sunglasses. Check out our handy reference guide below which compares the features of our 3 watershades products – to help you find the right one for your needs.

Set your sights higher and invest today in our standup paddleboarding sunglasses

Watershades Features Summary

Model / Functions Typhoon Surge Flo
UVA/B Protection Yes Yes Yes
Polarised Lenses? Yes Yes Some
Hydrophobic Coating? Yes Yes Yes
Oleophobic Coating? Yes Yes Yes
Hard Coating? Yes Yes Yes
Retention Leash? Yes Yes No
Floating Frame? No No Yes
Anti-fog Venting? Yes Yes No

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We use cookies for a number of reasons such as keeping our site secure, personalising content and ads and to analyse how our site is used.  By using this website, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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