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Lip Sunglasses has always been rooted in a love of watersports. We believe that kayaking should be as safe as it is fun, and that means protecting your eyes with specialised water sport sunglasses. White water rapids are no place for ordinary sunglasses. Insane levels of spray, capsizes, eskimo rolls, low-hanging branches and harsh reflections from white water are just some of the challenges kayakers face. Losing your sunglasses to a fast current in a big wipeout is another significant hazard.


SKU: 2778
$ 105.00

Frame Colour: Gloss Trans Grey

Lens Base Colour: Smoke

Mirror Colour: Chroma

Light Transmission: 10.2%

Conditions: Bright / Sunny


SKU: 2297
$ 131.00

Frame Colour: Gloss White

Lens Base Colour: Rose

Mirror Colour: Ice Blue

Light Transmission: 10.7%

Conditions: Very Bright


SKU: 1658
$ 238.00

Frame Colour: Matt Black

Lens Base Colour: Violet

Mirror Colour: Pacific Blue

Light Transmission: 9.95%

Conditions: Very Bright

Bringing You the Best Sunglasses for Kayaking

Our Typhoon and Surge watershades have designed out all of these challenges. These polarised paddling sunglasses have a leash system that we’ve tested and perfected to make sure it works 100% of the time. Our state-of-the-art polarised lenses cut out 99% of reflected glare, and hydrophobic and oleophobic lens coatings on both sides of the lenses keep your vision clear despite an onslaught of spray.

Our paddling sunglasses are also built to last with unbreakable ‘shape-memory’ TR90 frames that incorporate a patented venting system to counteract lens fogging. The Typhoon and Surge frames also incorporate soft TPU padding. This rubber padding acts like a fender to dampen any impact force and also serves as a comfortable interface between the face and the frame – a bonus for extended sessions on the water.




Shield Your Eyes from UV & Glare with Kayak Sunglasses

Our eyes are priceless. Eye transplants are not currently possible, so we must protect our vision from the cumulative damage UV rays can cause.

Out on the water, our eyes face high levels of UV radiation, both direct and scattered. Even if it is cloudy, UV rays are ubiquitous and can still cause damage. That’s why you need the best sunglasses for kayaking money can buy with lenses that offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. And an 8-base or ‘wrap’ fit frame that closely contours the shape of the face will enhance this UV protection by minimising UV leakage from the sides, top and bottom of the frame.

Kayakers also know how uncomfortable and dangerous reflected glare can be without polarized kayaking sunglasses. Only a polarizing filter in lenses can cut out this reflected glare. UV blocking lenses are the answer to UV radiation, and polarized UV blocking lenses are the answer to glare.

Impaired vision in a fast-moving and challenging environment can lead to accidents which may land your kayak at the repair shop or put you in hospital – or both! You wouldn’t kayak near rocks without your helmet, so why leave your eyes exposed? With our kayaking sunglasses, you can lose yourself in the moment, safe in the knowledge that your eyes are protected from UV rays and blinding glare.

Find Out More About Our Kayaking Sunglasses

Kayaking sunglasses need to be robust and built to withstand extreme white-water forces and harsh river or ocean environments. Our Typhoon and Surge watershades both meet this essential criterium – which is why we offer a market-leading 3-years warranty.

Our kayak sunglasses have lenses with standard / enhanced contrast, polarized / non-polarized, photochromic and some with anti-fog coatings, so there are lens options for every type of water and weather conditions. We want to help you pick the perfect pair, so we have put together a summary of all of the essential considerations to make the wisest choice, including a lens tint guide, a guide on lens materials and their qualities and a guide on the visible light transmission rates for all of our lenses.

We believe you shouldn’t have to suffer eye strain to see every detail on the water and maintain a keen focus. With our kayak sunglasses, you can up your game and concentrate on navigating the rapids and avoiding hazards like low hanging branches or low head dams. And if they don’t fit – you can return them within 30 days of purchase.

Set your sights higher and invest in the best sunglasses for kayaking.Whether you prefer calm rivers or white-water rapids, kayaking is an adventure. With the right kit, you can make the most of that adventure. Your eyes deserve nothing less than the best protection. Our watershades are secure, comfortable, and uniquely designed to protect you from the harsh elements. And just to put the icing on the cake, our sunglasses for paddleboarding, fishing, and any other watersport are not only functional and robust, they’re stylish too.

When paddling around on the water, if there is a route for UV rays, light and spray to get behind your lenses and into your eyes, it will be found. Choosing a wrap fit frame is essential to help minimise the exposure of your eyes to UV and to all the other things that bombard our eyes on the water.
When sunlight is reflected off water it can lead to distracting and blinding glare, particularly when the sun is at a low angle. This not only makes life uncomfortable but it can also distract your focus and concentration. Polarised lenses cut out the glare and increase comfort and contrast, which in turn reduces eye fatigue and boosts your focus.
'VLT' (Visible Light Transmission) determines what percentage of visible light (not to be confused with UV) passes through the lenses and into the eyes. Category 3 lenses are generally the most suitable for kayaking, unless you’re located in a cloudy region where it might be more appropriate to consider a category 2 lens or a photochromic lens which spans across categories 1-3.
A hydrophobic coating repels water whereas an oleophobic coating repels oils, sweat, dirt and dust. It is the last layer on the lenses. Having both of these coatings on your lenses will add significantly to visual clarity and therefore your performance and enjoyment.
What happens if you accidentally capsize? Will your sunglasses be catapulted into the water? Will you find them before they sink? There are two ways to mitigate against this: sunglasses that float, or sunglasses that incorporate a reliable tethering system. If you choose a floating solution, will you be able to retrieve the sunglasses before the current takes them downstream?
Model / Functions Typhoon Surge Flo
UVA/B Protection Yes Yes Yes
Polarised Lenses? Yes Yes Some
Hydrophobic Coating? Yes Yes Yes
Oleophobic Coating? Yes Yes Yes
Hard Coating? Yes Yes Yes
Retention Leash? Yes Yes No
Floating Frame? No No Yes
Anti-fog Venting? Yes Yes No
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