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Designed by a Team of Watersports Enthusiasts.
Committed to the highest quality and functionality.


Lightweight & Flexible Frames

Indestructible TR90 frame material with built-in shape memory absorbs impact loads.


100% UV protection

Decentered & injected nylon or polycarbonate lenses from leading lens suppliers ZEISS and NXT.


Wide Field of View

Wrap frame curvature maximises  peripheral vision and optimises reaction times.


Injected Polarisation

The polarisation film is injected between substrate layers, providing optimal durability and performance. Polarisation eliminates 99% of blinding glare.


Advanced Lens Coatings

Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings on both the inner and outer lens surfaces aggressively repel water. 


Colour Technology

Reduce eye fatigue, enhance visibility and increase awareness with HD colour separation 



• Lenses by ZEISS & NXT

• Full Interior frame cushioning

• FAILSAFE retention system

• Suited to medium/large head size



• Levanté & Vivide lenses by LiP

• Partial Interior frame cushioning

• FAILSAFE retention system

• Suited to medium/large head size



• Levanté & Vivide lenses by LiP

• Lightweight Floating frame

• No rubber cushioning

• Suited to medium head size



• 100% UV protection

• PA Polarized lenses by ZEISS / PU Photochromic lenses by NXT

• Coatings: hydrophobic, oleophobic, hard coat

• TR90 frame – extremely flexible, lightweight & durable

• Vortex vent system to counteract fogging

• 8 base curve radius lenses for excellent peripheral vision

• FAILSAFE leash & retainer system 



Just as we regularly protect and maintain our marine equipment to withstand the rigours of the ocean, so we should protect and maintain our personal health as best we can against the same harsh elements. For watermen and waterwomen the world over, sunscreen and protective eyewear are essential weapons to defend against these harsh elements. We apply sunscreen on the exposed parts of our bodies for very good reasons. In a similar way, sunglasses for water sports like sailing sunglasses protect our eyes from the same damaging natural forces.

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Water Sport Sunglasses to Revolutionize Marine Eyewear

While most of us fully understand the critical importance of using sunscreen, many remain unaware about the role that water sport sunglasses has in keeping our eyes healthy and happy.

You may have already considered purchasing sunglasses for water sports, or maybe you are using your existing lifestyle sunglasses on the water. Sunglasses are not the same as sunglasses for water sports as they differ in several key ways. It is important to recognise these differences before choosing what to wear.

Key Differences of Marine Sunglasses

The frames and lenses of lifestyle sunglasses are often unsuitable for a marine environment because they are constructed of materials which may crack or break under duress. Glasses for water sports need to be highly durable and impact resistant.

Our watersports sunglasses frames are constructed of TR90 – a Swiss thermoplastic which offers ‘shape memory’ and is practically indestructible. For lenses – polycarbonate, nylon or polyurethane lenses are the only lens materials that offer adequate impact resistance. Mineral (glass) lenses are often heavy and have poor impact resistance which could lead to an eye injury. All of our watershades incorporate only impact resistant lens materials.

In addition, lifestyle sunglasses rarely offer lens coatings that are suited for a marine environment. Without high-tech hydrophobic or oeleophobic coatings on the lenses, your vision on the water can be severely impaired by water-spotting, oils and dirt that accumulates on the lenses. Not only could this be hazardous in that you are more at risk of collision, but it may also lead to the premature degradation of the lenses.

Lifestyle sunglasses are rarely a ‘wrap fit’. With anything less than a wrap fit, there will be a gap between the face and the edge of the sunglasses frame – and this can lead to several problems. Peripheral vision can be disrupted by the frame, with all the associated navigational risks. Direct and reflected light penetrating the sides is also not filtered, exposing your eyes to glare and the sun’s harmful UV rays. And then there’s wind and spray which will always find its way in, especially if you are moving at speed.

Finally, lifestyle sunglasses rarely offer a reliable retention system to prevent against accidental loss. There will undoubtedly be moments when either a slip or fall will happen and without a reliable tethering system or a floating frame, the sunglasses will sink down into the abyss.

Here at LiP we have dedicated ourselves to designing and building completely waterproof sunglasses that are fit for purpose in a marine environment and which address all of the key challenges noted above – and much more.

The term we use for our waterproof sunglasses is “watershades”. In addition to the functionality already mentioned, our watershades utilise a range of additional technology to further enhance their suitability for a marine environment. Polarising filters in lenses cut out up to 99% of blinding glare, venting systems and anti-fog coatings counteract the onset of lens fogging and injection-molded rubber parts provides a soft and comfortable interface for extended periods on the water. All of which adds up to a significant enhancement in both eye protection and the avoidance of hazards.

Water Sports Goggles For Superior Performance

Sunglasses designed specifically with the – often – high intensity of water sports in mind give superior protection while you’re out there doing your thing. It’s not just providing the right protection to your eyes – which is extremely important for long-term eye health. But opting for premium-grade water sports goggles ensures that you’re getting a strong frame that can withstand the pressures and sudden waves that take you by surprise. Sometimes, inferior materials or designs can crack too easily – meaning you’re out on the water with no protection at all or you’re taking another trip to the store to buy yet another pair. Floating frames filled with air are particularly susceptible to cracks, so once damaged their key feature is lost – and that’s if they don’t sink first!

A decent pair of sunglasses for water sports are tough, robust, and not useless after a few hours in choppy waters.

Instead of forking out regularly for glasses that are going to end up in a landfill after a few wears, opt for premium water sports goggles with longevity and comfort in mind.

LiP sunglasses for water sports are expertly engineered for maximum function, comfort, and style. And there’s a range of sunglasses designed to suit your needs and sizing assistance so that your chosen pair fit snugly. Generic sizes allow for gaps between you and the glasses. This enables UV rays, water spray, and particles to still cause upset and irritation. It might even put you off your best – and during races, that’s just not going to fly! And, here at LiP, we want to help you perform at your best by ensuring your water sports goggles fit perfectly. You’ll receive a sizing guide AND the opportunity to return your purchase within 30 days if the fit isn’t perfect!

Choose Stylish Sunglasses For Water Sports

Looking good out on the water is a concern for many enthusiasts. Especially when the camera comes out and those photos are heading straight for social media. And some who’ve only experienced clunky glasses that don’t fit their features might choose not to bother at all. This leaves them open to health problems developing for which there is currently no cure. Eye problems, specifically, are difficult, if not impossible, to fix once they begin.

LiP Sunglasses is where eye protection meets stylish design!

With classic colored frames (black/white) and a range of base lens colors – as well as colored mirror coatings – to choose from, you can get the water sports goggles that are exactly right for you. And with the 30-day returns period, you can also be sure that your water sports goggles fit correctly and feel fantastic.

Should Your Water Sport Sunglasses be Polarized?

Many of our watershades have polarized lenses &- and you may ask why? The answer is that ‘glare’ (or reflections of sunlight from a surface like water) is a frequent problem on the ocean especially in the mornings and evenings when the sun is at a low angle to the horizon. It can be difficult to navigate safely if your course is heading directly into glare. This blinding glare can only be attenuated with a polarizing filter, and our polarized sunglasses for water sports cut out up to 99% of it.

Glare may not necessarily be an issue that you are likely to encounter, but don’t worry, we’ve still got your eyes covered even if you don’t need polarized lenses. We also offer photochromic and fixed tint lenses too.

Why Should You Buy Waterproof Sunglasses From LiP Sunglasses?

We pride ourselves on being the go-to brand name for water sport sunglasses for all serious watermen and waterwomen who care about their eye health. Our clients include serious hobbyists who like to work hard and play hard and put value on having the best kit to allow them to pursue their pastime. We also cater to professional athletes who need the type of product that we make in order to perform at their highest level. When you see an individual wearing our sunglasses for water sports, you know that they take their sport seriously.

Our waterproof sunglasses with high durability are recommended for all types of water sports especially if it’s used as windsurfing sunglasseswakeboarding glasses, sailing, canoeing, kite-surfing kayaking, and more. They are also popular sunglasses for fishing enthusiasts, jet skiers, and rowers. Our “failsafe” leash system means that even if you go down in a wipe out, your watershades are staying with you! Our design is unparalleled, our aesthetic protects while looking great and our technology allows you to perform at your best. When you choose LiP watershades, you are making a solid investment in your eyes – and they will thank you for it for many years to come. Check out our glasses for water sports now and set your sights higher!


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