Sunglasses Leash & Necklace Set

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Leash and necklace set. One size only – fits both Surge and Typhoon watershades. Read More.

Protect Your Glasses With our Sunglasses Leash

How often have you tried wearing regular sunglasses while you are out on the water enjoying yourself? Chances are that you’ve tried, but come away with a sinking feeling after watching your eyewear sink to the ocean floor.

With the prospect of having to replace eyewear every time they are lost to the ocean, no wonder many watermen and waterwomen are cautious about wearing sunglasses while engaging in watersports.

Here at LiP Sunglasses, we’ve put a great deal of thought and experience into designing the ultimate leash system so that you never have to watch your sunglasses disappear into the abyss.

LiP’s proprietary glasses leash and necklace system is the only system on the market that guarantees against accidental loss. A bombproof 2-stage retention system keeps you connected at all times and gives you peace of mind that your investment in your eyes is secure.

Our Sunglasses Leash Prevents Accidental Loss, 100% of the Time

Whether your chosen watersport is surfing, kayaking, wakeboarding or windsurfing, it can be costly and infuriating to have to replace your sunglasses. Avoiding the issue by not wearing sunglasses at all is tantamount to throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

You don’t need to avoid wearing eyewear on the water – you just need to have the right accessory to securely tether your sunglasses to you. Our leash for sunglasses does exactly that and is guaranteed to prevent accidental loss 100% of the time.

Unleash your full potential by securely tethering your sunglasses, and you can get on with what you love to do on the water without holding back.

Losing Your Glasses Stinks, Our Glasses Leash and Necklace Doesn’t

Zipping around on the water in the blazing sun is exhilarating and fun. Having anxious thoughts in the back of your mind about the fate of your sunglasses should you suffer from an unexpected wipeout can detract from this sense of freedom and distract your attention.

When you’re tethered up with our leash and necklace accessory, you can enjoy yourself without interruption or distraction. With anxious thoughts dismissed, you can focus on immersing yourself in your passion and lifting your performance to new heights.

So What Are You Waiting For? Get Yours Today

Our leash and necklace system is a proprietary design, meaning it can only be combined with LiP Sunglasses watersports eyewear like the Surge and Typhoon.

When you purchase a Surge or Typhoon, a leash for your sunglasses together with the silicone necklace is included in the sunglasses case so you can hit the water right out of the box. And if for whatever reason you need a replacement set, we offer these too.

Save money and stress by choosing the only watersports eyewear that is guaranteed to stay with you – even during the harshest wipeouts. Get in touch with our friendly sales team if you need any advice about how the system works or for a visual guide, refer to our setup video guide here.
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  • Clip-on safety leash
  • Silicone rubber retainer necklace
  • Easy release toggle
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