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One of the obvious risks of wearing sunglasses on the water is the risk of losing them, either through a moment of clumsiness or more often because we have taken a tumble in whatever activity we are doing. While a wipeout on water is usually a harmless experience, it can be a costly one if your eyewear is ejected and sinks to the ocean floor.

Floating sunglasses can be ideal for a number of watersports, but not all of them. They are perfectly suited to calm days and still waters – for example kayaking or SUPing along the coast or in reservoirs. However, the benefits of floating eyewear are soon lost if the wind picks up or there is a current to navigate. Spotting sunglasses that float in the water is often not easy especially when you are navigating through waves and white caps, and if there is a current or riptide, the speed of the current can rapidly put a distance between you and your floating sunglasses.

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Should My Polarized Sunglasses Float?

The central idea behind floating eyewear is that you can simply return to the location where they came off, scoop them up and pop them back on. This is often aided by a colourful and highly visible frame.

There are certainly many activities where this will be desirable, especially those activities where you are largely static or moving at slow speeds (e.g. fishing, kayaking, SUP, or leisure boating). Note however that the larger the vessel, the more difficult and cumbersome this manoeuvring becomes.

And if you are in any kind of race or competition, then there simply isn’t an opportunity to go back and retrieve your sunglasses from the water without taking a performance hit.

As keen watermen and waterwomen ourselves, we will always opt for our floating sunglasses on suitable days for their simplicity and versatility, but if we are headed out to the ocean to ride the wind and waves, our floating polarized sunglasses will be returned to the kit bag and replaced with sunglasses with a more secure tethering system.

What's the Difference Between Standard Eyewear and Floating Sunglasses?

The core differences between sunglasses that float in water and those that don’t is weight and construction. Floating eyewear is either constructed from a material which has a relatively low density of molecules, or because air has been injected into components of the frame (such as the temples). In both cases, this leads to a lightweight frame which will always bob on the surface if dropped in the water. Alternatively, some sunglasses float not because the material or manufacturing processes create buoyancy, but rather because floating accessories are attached to the frame. In these latter cases, in the event that the buoyancy accessory is separated from the frame, the frame would sink.

For watersports of all kinds, LiP Sunglasses offer both floating eyewear and a tethering option so that there is a solution for every combination of activity and weather / water conditions.  Our three watersports sunglasses models are Flo, Typhoon and Surge, each of which come equipped with a variety of lens options for optimum performance.

Flo is currently our only floating sunglasses model – achieved through our unique FLOT8 manufacturing process. It’s perfect for leisurely days spent on the water in calm weather conditions. SUP boarders and Flo go together like peanut butter and jelly, but other fans of Flo include coastal fishermen, e-foilers and paddlers of all stripes.  For leisure-craft owners too, if you want boating sunglasses that float – the Flo is the ideal solution.

Typhoon and Surge are designed for when the surf’s up, winds are high, and you need something a bit more resilient. Both come equipped with our FAILSAFE proprietary leash system which is guaranteed to keep you connected to your sunglasses at all times. This mechanism means that however bad the wipe out, however rough the sea, however strong the current, your shades will always stay connected to you.

Are Float Sunglasses Worth the Investment?

If you’re looking for sunglasses that float, then there’s a good chance you’re already familiar enough with the water to know that it can be an untameable force to be reckoned with. And if a wave comes along – you want to ensure your sunglasses aren’t quickly making their way down into the depths.

But what if there was a better way?

When you invest in sunglasses that float, you want to make sure those glasses will stand the force of choppy waters and being thrown about a bit during rough weather. If the air-filled frames are too flimsy, then they’re going to break – and fast. And that won’t do anything for their ability to float at all!

What if you could get sunglasses that are designed to stay put? Using a failsafe leash system engineered by experts you won’t have to fish around in the water trying to hook your float sunglasses. And during races, you won’t have to choose between your time and your money! Floating sunglasses have their place, but if you take your water-based sports seriously, just like us, then it makes sense to prevent the problem in the first place by investing in a premium quality leash retention system that makes sure you keep your investment close, at all times.

If you feel an integrated leash system provides more safety than you really need, take a look at our Flo sunglasses. These sunglasses float and offer a lightweight, durable, and versatile eyewear solution, and as with all of our watersports sunglasses they offer enhanced peripheral vision and 100% UVA/B/C protection.

Why Choose LiP's Floating Eyewear?

We are as passionate about eye health as we are about watersports. Our mission, through continuous research, testing and innovation, is to bring to the market the best eyewear for watermen and waterwomen who need reliable eye protection for their watersports passions.

Our three watershades offer a versatile and tailored solution as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach. By investing in premium quality eyewear with state-of-the-art frame technology and lens materials, we are doing our best to help protect your eyes against the sun’s harmful UV rays while at the same time ensuring that your wallet is protected from the consequences of accidental loss.

For detailed information about which lenses are best for your watersports discipline, consult our ‘Choose your watersports lenses guide’ for the various options available. For those that need protection against blinding reflected glare in addition to UV radiation, then look no further than our floating polarized sunglasses to deliver outstanding results.

Browse our collection of floating glasses today and give yourself a new lease of life on the water!

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Buy Your Floater Sunglasses from the Experienced Professionals at LiP Sunglasses

Our floatable surfing sunglasses are a true testament to ingenuity, liberating watermen and waterwomen to immerse themselves in their passion fully in the knowledge that their eyes are being looked after 100% of the time. Sunglasses that float and which do not come equipped with a tethering system are generally suited to light conditions because they are easy to locate and pick out of the water when you take a tumble. For rougher conditions and especially if you are travelling at speeds, you’ll need to tether up with either our Typhoon or Surge model, both of which incorporate our tried and tested leash system.

Since our inception, LiP Sunglasses has fostered a reputation as one of the leading brands forging forwards in the watersports eyewear market. The marine environment is a difficult space to occupy – there are many physical challenges. It is unfathomably deep, corrosive and dangerous.  Our design team approach every aspect of product design with a view to meeting these challenges head-on and delivering solutions which enhance our daily experiences on the water.

When you choose us for your sunglasses that float, you can rest assured that you are buying from a focused and dedicated crew of watermen and waterwomen who are specialists in their craft. With our effective and durable sunglasses that float, you can protect your eyes from the damaging effects of UV radiation and continue to enjoy your watery passions for many years to come.

Enjoy Our Quality-Assurance Warranty on Our Floater Sunglasses

Every product we sell, including our floater sunglasses, has to pass the same high standards of quality-assurance that have enabled us to meet and exceed the expectations of all our customers for over a decade. Our team work with only the very best quality materials and equipment, ensuring that each and every item we produce is up to the mark.

In fact, we are so confident in the quality and longevity of all our products that we offer a 3-year warranty on all our watershades. And if for whatever reason you discover that the glasses you’ve ordered are not quite the right fit for you, you’ll have 30 days to return them for a refund.

Model / Functions Typhoon Surge Flo
UVA/B Protection Yes Yes Yes
Polarised Lenses? Yes Yes Some
Hydrophobic Coating? Yes Yes Yes
Oleophobic Coating? Yes Yes Yes
Hard Coating? Yes Yes Yes
Retention Leash? Yes Yes No
Floating Frame? No No Yes
Anti-fog Venting? Yes Yes No

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