Andy Bubble Chambers

Windsurf / Ambassador


Name: Andy Bubble Chambers

Birth date: 30/06/1983

Nationality: British

Other Sponsors: JP, NeilPryde, K4

Years Riding: 29

Discipline: Windsurfing

Home spots: Avon and Southbourne Beach UK

Favourite spots? Vassiliki Greece, Cape Town, Southbourne

Favourite quotes: “Don’t be too hard on yourself, be nice to one another and enjoy every moment in life.”

Results: British Freestyle Champion, 3rd Overall British Wave, 1st Avon Beach Wave Classic

What inspires you the most? The outdoors, the sea, the wind, the waves they all inspire me to get outside and have fun!

5 things you can’t live without? My windsurfing gear, My windsurfing gear, My windsurfing gear, My windsurfing gear erm and… My windsurfing gear!

What was your childhood ambition? To be a professional windsurfer

Personal summary: I enjoy the outdoors and love being out on the water and have done since I was a kid growing up in Cyprus before moving back to the UK.  Straight out of college I started working at Club Vass in Greece teaching Windsurfing and honing my skills to be able to compete on the British Tour and then the World Tour.  I was British Freestyle Champion for a number of consecutive years and posted some good results on the World Tour.  I still compete on the British Wave Tour and am always trying to push my level.  I would love to become British Wave Champion!

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