A Long Island windsurfer’s perspective on the Typhoon

We asked the Peconic Puffin windsurfing blog to put the Typhoon through its paces in the cold and squally conditions off Long Island, NY in May 2019. How did they perform? Did the lenses fog up?  How did they cope with horizontal sheets of rain? What about withstanding epic wipe-outs?

Click the image below for the full review of how they got along with the Typhoon.

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Anti-fogging – why do sunglasses fog up and what are the solutions.

Fogging is caused by a “phase change” of water vapour to liquid. This occurs almost exclusively when warmer air meets a cooler surface. So if you use your LiP Watershades in a cold water environment, read on…this advice is for you!


For watersports sunglasses, the main cause of fogging is when warm air from your body or your breath comes into contact with lenses that have been cooled down (either by the air temperature or by the water temperature). The water vapour in the warmer air condenses into tiny droplets that cling to both the inside and outside of the lenses.

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