Welcome to Andy Bubble Chambers

We welcome Andy Bubble Chambers onto the LiP team. Check out Andy’s profile here – Andy Bubble Chambers. You can also read about Andy’s long history in the sport in a detailed interview by Windsurfing Mag – Bursting the Bubble

Andy is a familiar figure in the UK windsurf scene. He’s been windsurfing for 29 years! He’s hard to miss with his signature mohawk and friendly character.  He is a Level 5 Windsurfing Instructor, and formerly an IKO / BKSA Kitesurfing Instructor – a man of many talents.  Andy keeps himself busy these days as windsurfing coach, pro rider and brand manager for JP and Neil Pryde UK based down the road from his favourite windsurfing spot near Bournemouth. A passionate waterman with a devotion to his sport and maintaining a strong competitive edge, he’s also eyeing up the British Wave Champion slot. Watch out Pasty!

Welcome onto the team Andy 🇬🇧



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