VIVIDE™ Lens Technology

VIVIDE™ Lens Technology: See the world in a different light.

The best way to see the benefits of our new VIVIDE™ high contrast lenses is to wear them and experience the world in an enhanced & rich new reality. Our first model to offer our Ice Blue high contrast lenses is the Surge, pictured below. It is also now available in our FLO model.


What is VIVIDE™ technology and how does it work?

The best way to describe this technology in words is to use the analogy of a Hi-Fi system. Early Hi-Fi’s came with limited variability in terms of sound quality, perhaps with a volume control and a tone control. In lens technology terms, this is akin to lens lightness/darkness and lens tint (brown, grey, blue etc).

Just as Hi-Fi’s have developed into powerful units with a wide range of functions and settings, so lens technology has taken dramatic leaps forward in recent years. We now have the ability to fine tune lenses – just as we are able to fine tune sound with a sound equalizer. A sound equalizer can help us find the perfect balance so that we hear every crisp note. So too can we create the perfect fine-tuned lens so that we can see every detail and colour in specified environments.

Lenses designed exclusively for Watersports

For sports, there are many different factors that come into play which have an effect on the choice of lenses. For skiers and snowboarders, it is often difficult to see contour lines on the snow. For golfers, it is  difficult to distinguish between the green of the fairway and the green of the rough.  For watersports, the overwhelming amount of blue colours can make it very hard to notice subtle details on the water.

LiP’s VIVIDE™ Ice Blue lenses give us control over light transmission by filtering out blue light and enhancing red and green light. This fine tuning maximises contrast and enables us to see details in or on the water or in the sky that might be missed by the naked eye. This sharpening of visual acuity allows us to see more clearly and react faster to the world changing around us. With a relatively low light transmission rate of 8.35%, it also means less eye fatigue in bright conditions as the eye doesn’t need to strain to see movement clearly.  This translates into better performance for longer time periods in your chosen watersports discipline. What’s not to like about that?

Keep on riding

To further enhance your visual experience, the injected polarisation layer removes glare bouncing back from the surface of the water, reducing eye strain further.  Last but by no means least, the hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings on both the inner and outer lens surfaces means that sea-spray and wipe-outs have no material effect on your vision. Just keep riding, and the water will disperse from the lens surfaces.

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New VIVIDE™ lens technology for the Surge

We are stoked to announce our new Matt Black Surge with VIVIDE™ Ice Blue high contrast lenses.

LiP’s brand new VIVIDE™ Lens Technology delivers dramatically enhanced contrast in a wide range of light conditions. Be prepared for your mind to be blown with the uber-sharp visibility and enhanced colours and field of vision that our Ice Blue lenses deliver.

These polarised lenses reduce blue light and enhance reds and greens to deliver balanced and outstanding visual clarity on the water. In addition, they incorporate hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings on both the inner and outer lens surfaces, together with polarization, anti-scratch, and anti-reflection on the outer lens surface. The result is an addictive visual experience.

Surge: Matt Black / VIVIDE™ Ice Blue lenses

As with all our Watershade lenses, VIVIDE lenses are designed purely with watersports in mind. In merging the benefits of multiple lens tints to create a high contrast effect, water-bugs can now continue to ride even if the light conditions change suddenly and dramatically. Being a category 3 polarised lens with a transmission rate of 8.35%, you can also feel assured that your eyes are protected, whatever the conditions.

Available now at our webshop from $125 / £95 / €109 / AUD176.

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