Staying Attached to your Watershades

Take extra precautions in overhead surf conditions

The autumn has definitely arrived in Europe with strong winds and big sea conditions. With gnarly conditions set to continue for much of October, some of the best days of the year are still ahead of us.

Recently, LiP were in Saunton on the UK North Devon coast to experience some great kitesurfing conditions. The wind was clean, the swell was huge, but it was the wipe-outs that were the most memorable.

After several epic wipeouts in overhead conditions, we wanted to bring attention to some essential tips for wearing your watershades when the surf conditions get big.


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The Case for Non-Polarized Watersports Lenses

For our new FLO watershades, we have added the option of non-polarized lenses.

We are aware that there are some riders out there that are looking for non-polarized lenses for watersports, especially for those foiling or riding waves.

We’ve been out on the water in a variety of weather and surf conditions, and it’s been an interesting exercise.  Our research is clear. There are some conditions where polarization can be detrimental to performance. However, there is often a trade-off with comfort as without polarization, glare can lead to eye fatigue.

Sam Medysky sunset session

Sam Medysky sunset session in Cape Town

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LiP Typhoon and Impact Protection

When it comes to foiling, most of us are aware of the dangers posed by the presence of razor-sharp wings and mast and the consequent potential for injury in a wipeout. There are very good reasons for learning to foil away from the crowds and always wearing a helmet and an impact vest.

But when taking safety matters into account for foiling, have you considered eye protection? Not just for protecting your eyes against the sun’s harmful UV rays, but also for impact protection? Failing to do so, or worse still, making a poor choice, could cost you dearly.

We recently learned about the case of Alex Taskov who lives in Australia. Alex has been kiteboarding for over 20 years and recently started kite foiling. He came close to suffering a catastrophic eye injury, but he is convinced his Typhoons protected him. We contacted him to ask about his experience. Here Alex tells his story…

Alex Taskov’s story


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Attaching the Watershades leash system

Here’s a short video to guide you on the correct way to attach the leash and necklace to your Surge or Typhoon watershades. There are 2 stages to setting it up. We recommend that you first attach the leash to the silicone necklace and then attach the leash to the frame.

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Anti-fogging – why do sunglasses fog up and what are the solutions.

Fogging is caused by a “phase change” of water vapour to liquid. This occurs almost exclusively when warmer air meets a cooler surface. So if you use your LiP Watershades in a cold water environment, read on…this advice is for you!


For watersports sunglasses, the main cause of fogging is when warm air from your body or your breath comes into contact with lenses that have been cooled down (either by the air temperature or by the water temperature). The water vapour in the warmer air condenses into tiny droplets that cling to both the inside and outside of the lenses.

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Taking care of your watershades

To get the very best out of your watershades, and to ensure the hydrophobic & oleophobic coatings continue to perform as they should, it’s important to give some TLC after every session on the water. If you treat your watershades as an essential piece of your kit, you can ride better, harder and longer safe in the knowledge that you can see where you are going and your eyes are fully protected.

It is worth remembering that salt crystals can blow far inland from the seaside, so even if you have not been out on the water, salt residue can build up on your lenses, especially around the lens rim. It’s essential to prevent a build up of salt on your lenses – it is corrosive and if left without treatment over time the salt will start to break down the coatings on your lenses. This is easily avoided.

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Announcing LiP Prescription Lenses

We are really stoked to announce that we will very soon be including the option of optical lenses for all our watershades and urban sunglasses. The service will be available by email from 10th December 2017 and through our webshop from 1 January 2018, and includes both single vision and progressive / varifocal lenses.

For the Typhoon and Surge watershades, we are offering a new lens material -Trivex NXT®. This is a thin & highly impact resistant plastic with superb optical clarity, particularly at the lens periphery. There is a revised optical centre for all Trivex NXT® watershades lenses, providing a balanced visual acuity in the periphery and crisp optics within the optical axis. For our urban collection, we will continue to offer polycarbonate and CR-39 lenses. All LiP RX lenses will be available for Sphere readings of up to +/- 8.

There has been a steady rise in demand for prescription lenses from many of our discerning customers.  We value our customer’s loyalty and hope that by making this service available, you will obtain even more value from your LiP experience.

This service will be available both to existing customers and new purchasers, both through our webshop or via email. Please get in touch if you would like any further information through our contact form below.