Philipp Schonger

Kitesurf / Ambassador


Name: Philipp Schonger

Birth date: April 1978

Nationality: Austrian

Other Sponsors: Naish Kiteboarding, Patagonia Pro

Years Riding: 15+

Discipline: BIG AIR Kiteboarding

Home spots: Lake Washington, Kirkland, Washington (near Seattle)

Favourite spots? Jetty Island, Everett, Washington (Home of the Jetty Island Light Wind Olympics), The Columbia River Gorge (Hood River, Rufus, Lyle, Rooster Rock, and other spots), CapeTown, South Africa, Penghu, Taiwan

Favourite quotes: “Feel the fear and do it anyways”.

Results: Big Air Kiteboarder in North America – Woo Sports Leaderboard – 94.8ft / 28.9m

What inspires you the most? Travelling, i.e. seeing new places, meeting new people, tasting new foods, experiencing new cultures. The more I travel, the more I realize how little I have seen. And the more I have seen and experienced, the more I want to continue seeing and continue experiencing.

5 things you can’t live without? My freedom, Sunshine, Travel, Podcast Player, My Dog Alfie

What was your childhood ambition? I always wanted to fly like a bird. I never imagined that kiteboarding would be the sport that would allow me to do that.

Personal summary: Even though I grew up in the Alps I was always drawn to the water and eventually found my unrelenting passion for kiteboarding in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. I love the freedom, being one with nature, and being surrounded by a very passionate community. I love spreading the stoke, competing, and going as big as possible. Currently I hold the North America Big Air all-time record with 94.8ft / 28.9m.

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