Oli and George

Rowing / Ambassador

Oliver Glanville and George Randell aren’t wasting any time following their graduation from Oxford University.

The two graduates are preparing for an epic rowing expedition across the Atlantic in December 2017, and in doing so raising money for two charities close to their hearts – Alzheimer’s Research UK’ and ‘Against Malaria Foundation’.

Their challenge is to race over 3000 miles, between Gomera in the Canary Islands and Antigua on either side of the Atlantic in a small vessel that is likely to seem unbelievably tiny in the huge swells of the mid Atlantic.

Oli explains that when the ocean gets too big to row, both navigators are advised to get inside the tiny cabin, lock the door, put on their helmets and wait for the washing machine experience!

In recognition of their huge undertaking, LiP Sunglasses have decked out the boys with Typhoon watershades for their journey and are proud to appoint them as LiP Sunglasses ambassadors.  George points out that… “As sunglasses are likely to be the only thing we will wear when crossing the Atlantic, we are pleased to have got the highest quality”.

The intrepid pair will be blogging throughout their atlantic odyssey at https://www.theoardinaryboys.com/blog-1.