Mark Berezny

Kitesurf / Ambassador



Name: Mark Berezny

Birth date: Dec 28. 1983

Nationality: Canadian

Other Sponsors: Airush, Mystic, Fourlines

Years Riding: 16

Discipline: Kiteboarding

Home spot: Ottawa, Canada

Favourite spots? Hatteras, Cape Town, Squamish

Favourite quotes: “You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

What inspires you the most? Other riders doing something I can’t

3 things you can’t live without? Family, Friends & Kites

What was your childhood ambition? To find a way to continue enjoying the sports I love throughout the rest of my life.

Personal summary: I grew up with a passion for wakeboarding and snowboarding. I discovered kiteboarding in my early 20s, and have fallen in love with the endless possibilities. While I love to progress in all disciplines, I truly do love being out there just enjoying the ride with a good crew.

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