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Based on the beauty of a breaking wave, graceful, yet packing a mean Pacific punch, the logo reflects our roots, our attitude, and our sense of style. No corners cut, its hard edges and strong lines are present throughout the design of our frames: an image of quality and strength.



LiP founder Dirk Michielsen – a Belgian national, dedicated windsurfer and award-winning eyewear designer with 20 years of experience – has been an outdoors man his whole life. Getting hooked on windsurfing at the age of 18, he started out by shaping his own boards. An art degree in his pocket and his mind set on becoming a full-on surfer, Dirk moved to Taiwan, one of the windiest places on the planet.

At the age of 24 he landed his first eyewear design job and in the two decades since has continuously strived to develop the perfect watershade. Following the Aqua Shade and the Shark, which won him an iF Design Award, Dirk decided to take matters into his own hands.

With complete control over design, production and quality, packing in years of experience both as a designer and a waterman, he came out with the Typhoon, the finest and most advanced eyewear for watersports on the market today.



Driven by its innovative founder, LiP now consists of a multi-national team of watersport enthusiasts who have turned their passion into their profession. We are down-to-earth, authentic, and serious about what we do. With our global network of like-minded friends and team riders, we are strongly connected to the people who use our products.

Protecting your eyes from the sun’s glare, wind, and ocean spray is not just about letting you ride better, longer, and harder. LiP is committed to bringing sunglasses of the highest quality and functionality to style-conscious watermen/women and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere.

We have set out to become a leading eyewear brand for those pursuing their outdoor dream, exposed to the elements, on water and on land. We are setting new standards and are changing the way people think.

Quality, Function, and Style

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