Welcome on the LiP Team – Yo

Yo (Narapichit Pudla), the 5-time Asian Formula Race Champion, is also now on the LiP Team! Big welcome to you, Yo!

Welcome on the LiP Team – Christian Q Tio

Ranked No. 2 in his age group, Christian Q Tio is currently one of the most promising young kiters in the world we at LiP are very proud to have this talent on our team.

WK kitesurfen

It’s the WK kitesurfen. (Westlandse kampioenschappen) hosted by West Beach. The LiP crew was out for a day of fun both in and out of the water. It was a day full of sunshine – perfect for wearing LiP. The happy winner of the WK kitesurfen was also a new and proud owner of LiP Twist.

2013 Kiteboard Course Race World Championships

LiP’s Typhoon took its first bow at the 2013 Kiteboard Course Race World Championships in Hainan. The function of Typhoon’s Zeiss Tri-Pel lenses amazed kiters who saw the hydrophobic and oleophobic test results. Typhoon comes with a Titanium necklace onto which you can attach your Typhoon to avoid loss in the water. Typhoon’s new colours also attracted a lot of attention.