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LiP Typhoon and Impact Protection

When it comes to foiling, most of us are aware of the dangers posed by the presence of razor-sharp wings and mast and the consequent potential for injury in a wipeout. There are very good reasons for learning to foil away from the crowds and always wearing a helmet and an impact vest.

But when taking safety matters into account for foiling, have you considered eye protection? Not just for protecting your eyes against the sun’s harmful UV rays, but also for impact protection? Failing to do so, or worse still, making a poor choice, could cost you dearly.

We recently learned about the case of Alex Taskov who lives in Australia. Alex has been kiteboarding for over 20 years and recently started kite foiling. He came close to suffering a catastrophic eye injury, but he is convinced his Typhoons protected him. We contacted him to ask about his experience. Here Alex tells his story…

Alex Taskov’s story


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The Typhoon is evolving


We’ve been working hard to deliver functional and stylish watersports eyewear for 5 years now. Since the launch of the Typhoon in 2013, we have introduced the Surge model, and later this year, we are releasing our third watershade, the ‘FLO’.

We are currently in the process of phasing out the Typhoon ‘UP’ model. This is the Asian fit version of our popular Typhoon (CLX) model. In 2017, the Typhoon CLX (Classic fit) was redesigned to create a unified shape that fits people from all corners of the world.

We have also brought in many other subtle changes and refinements to the Typhoon since 2013, including improving the comfort & durability of the TPU rubber parts, leash mechanism and improvements in lens technology.

As we grow on the global stage, we have decided that it is time to re-name the Typhoon to reflect its ongoing evolution and it’s global appeal. And we would like to offer our valued customers and followers a role in the re-naming exercise along with a chance to win a 5 year free supply of LiP sunnies!


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New ZEISS ‘Rose Gold’ lenses for the Typhoon

We’re stoked to add two new Typhoon models – available today in our webshop. The Typhoon adds another string to its bow with the launch of ‘Rose Gold’ Polyamide (nylon) lenses by ZEISS.

We’ve added the new Rose Gold lenses to our popular Transparent Grey frame and have also today launched an entirely new frame color – Matt Graphite with Pink Rubber, pictured below.


Zeiss Polyamide Lens Technology

Zeiss’s nylon lenses are lighter and have a higher “Abbe” value than polycarbonate lenses. The purity of the lens material means that it is very close to mineral glass lenses for transparency and clear vision. Nylon is also slightly harder than polycarbonate, so durability is enhanced even without the premium hard (anti-scratch) coating.

Our Rose Gold lenses offer the same 100% UV protection as you come to expect from ZEISS, and of course, the Typhoon incorporates oleohphobic and hydrophobic lenses as standard. The transmittance rate is 14%, sitting right in the middle of lenses Category 3.

Attaching the Watershades leash system

Here’s a short video to guide you on the correct way to attach the leash and necklace to your Surge or Typhoon watershades. There are 2 stages to setting it up. We recommend that you first attach the leash to the silicone necklace and then attach the leash to the frame.

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New VIVIDE™ lens technology for the Surge

We are stoked to announce our new Matt Black Surge with VIVIDE™ Ice Blue high contrast lenses.

LiP’s brand new VIVIDE™ Lens Technology delivers dramatically enhanced contrast in a wide range of light conditions. Be prepared for your mind to be blown with the uber-sharp visibility and enhanced colours and field of vision that our Ice Blue lenses deliver.

These polarised lenses reduce blue light and enhance reds and greens to deliver balanced and outstanding visual clarity on the water. In addition, they incorporate hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings on both the inner and outer lens surfaces, together with polarization, anti-scratch, and anti-reflection on the outer lens surface. The result is an addictive visual experience.

Surge: Matt Black / VIVIDE™ Ice Blue lenses

As with all our Watershade lenses, VIVIDE lenses are designed purely with watersports in mind. In merging the benefits of multiple lens tints to create a high contrast effect, water-bugs can now continue to ride even if the light conditions change suddenly and dramatically. Being a category 3 polarised lens with a transmission rate of 8.35%, you can also feel assured that your eyes are protected, whatever the conditions.

Available now at our webshop from $125 / £95 / €109 / AUD176.

LiP Watershades for anglers

Review of LiP Typhoons by angler Duane Christie

Early 2014 I found myself in serious need of a new pair of high quality polarized sunglasses for fishing. I had just gone through my second pair of shades from a very popular brand in as many years. The problem was that the polarized coating would just peel off. These were US$220 shades, so you’d expect a little more durability, but as soon as the one-year warranty had expired, the coating would start to flake rendering the shades useless!

After some research I found that other competing brands had the same issue and I was dreading spending another US$200 on a pair of shades that would only last a season or two. Then I came across the Lip Typhoons. Brand new on the market back then, they are the product of many years of sunglass design experience, meticulous attention to detail, and an insatiable love for windsurfing.

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Understanding lens base colours

As a watersports brand, we are often asked to explain the differences between the colours of lenses we offer for our watersports sunglasses, and what those differences actually mean when you are on the water.

Currently we offer two base colours for our watersports sunglasses – the Typhoon and the Surge. The options are smoke (grey) or brown / bronze as our research and experience shows these are the two lens tones (base colours) that are most suitable either on the water or on land near the water. On top of that, the Typhoon also comes with an option for a ‘gun blue’ mirror coating.

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Typhoon Review from Windfoil Zone

Whether it’s windfoiling, kitefoiling, SUP-foiling or a multitude of sailing foil classes,  ‘foiling’ has opened an exciting new chapter in the story of watersports. Ground-breaking developments in technology and equipment performance bring additional challenges, so does the Typhoon stand up to the rigorous testing requirements of the modern day windfoiler?

Romain Jourdan from the Windfoil Zone tested our Typhoons and reported his findings….


Romain Jourdan from Windfoil Zone testing LiP’s Gloss Black Typhoon / Bronze lenses.

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