The Typhoon is evolving


We’ve been working hard to deliver functional and stylish watersports eyewear for 5 years now. Since the launch of the Typhoon in 2013, we have introduced the Surge model, and later this year, we are releasing our third watershade, the ‘FLO’.

We are currently in the process of phasing out the Typhoon ‘UP’ model. This is the Asian fit version of our popular Typhoon (CLX) model. In 2017, the Typhoon CLX (Classic fit) was redesigned to create a unified shape that fits people from all corners of the world.

We have also brought in many other subtle changes and refinements to the Typhoon since 2013, including improving the comfort & durability of the TPU rubber parts, leash mechanism and improvements in lens technology.

As we grow on the global stage, we have decided that it is time to re-name the Typhoon to reflect its ongoing evolution and it’s global appeal. And we would like to offer our valued customers and followers a role in the re-naming exercise along with a chance to win a 5 year free supply of LiP sunnies!


Complete the Suggestion Box linked below to submit your ideas. If we end up adopting the name you have suggested, we will ship 1 free watershades model and 1 free Urban model (both of your choosing) every year for 5 years – that’s right – until 2024!

A few tips to help you decide on a suitable name; 1) the name cannot already be a registered trademark in the sunglasses industry (globally); 2) it must be 10 letters or less; 3) it should be just one word; 4) it should preferably have a connection with the ocean, wind, or movement.